Private Swim Lessons

One-on-one instruction sessions held 2-3 days/week.

Package #1
Twenty 20-minute instruction sessions
Total Cost: $434.50*

Package #2
Ten 20-minute instruction sessions
Total Cost: $242.00

Group Swim Classes

Pre-formed groups of 2–3 students per class held 2-3 days/week.
American Red Cross Parent / Child Aquatics Program
6 months to 3 years, with parent/guardian in the pool

American Red Cross Preschool Aquatics 1-3 and Learn-to-Swim Program: Level 1-6
4 years & older. Separate adult classes available.

Total Cost (Per student):
2 students:

  • 10 lessons $214.50
  • 20 lessons $412.50*

3 students:

  • 10 lessons $165.00
  • 20 lessons $324.50*

*10 % Discounts for 2 or more family members in lesson sessions.

red cross

American Red Cross

Longfellow’s WHALE Tales for Grades K-6
American Red Cross Water Safety Classroom Session!

Longfellow’s WHALE Tales provides easy-to-follow information to help children learn safe behavior in, on and around the water.

Water Safety – Fun and Easy to Learn
Each lesson is reinforced with color posters, worksheets, activities and a video that features Longfellow, the animated whale.

Longfellow’s WHALE Tales Includes Eight Basic Lessons.

  1. Swim with a buddy in a supervised area.

  2. Be cool, follow the rule – the reasons behind water safety rules.

  3. Look before you leap – choose safe places to swim and dive

  4. Think so you don’t sink – what to do when things go wrong.

  5. Reach or throw, don’t go – safe ways to rescue a swimmer in trouble.

  6. Don’t just pack it, wear your jacket – the importance of wearing a life jacket.

  7. Cold can kill – knowing the hazards.

  8. Learn about boating before you go floating.

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