Happy 2019 Swim Family!!!

February 25, 2019

I hope and pray that all is well with you. I wish that all was well with us, but we have had 3 major shifts, so far, since last summer.

We celebrated our parents’ 60th Anniversary New Year’s Day 2019. 2 days later, I noticed my Daddy having stroke like symptoms (Lifeguard Training – FAST). The VA admitted him and confirmed by MRI, 2 days later, that Daddy has suffered a series of strokes. That same night, my Mom was admitted to another hospital with shortness of breath and weakness. 4 days later, Mama had a pacemaker installed.

All of this along with my issue: Shoulder pain – MRI taken 2/6/19 shows that I have a torn rotator cuff, will need surgery, with and estimated 6 month – 1 year timeframe for complete recovery. I am in Shreveport with my parents now, returning to Apopka from time to time for our daughter Anyka’s Senior year activities. I haven’t scheduled the surgery, as I received the results just as I was returning to Shreveport, 2/9/19. So, as you can imagine, I’m still processing all of this.

After much prayer and deliberation, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, after 15 awesome, blessed, consecutive swim seasons, Sunny Days will not be having swim lessons this summer.

I ask that you please keep us in your prayers as we walk through this valley. I know the Lord is our Shepherd and He is with us. Blessings to you All!

Lord willing, see you in 2020!

Shunda Wilkin